Local Favorites, On Being Southern

On Being Southern

newyearsdinnerHey Y’all!  I LOVE being a homegrown Southern girl.  I was brought up on Collards, Black Eyed Beans and Corn Bread.  I’m always fixin’ to do something.  I’ll mash the elevator button for you.  Bless him!  Bless her heart!  I love dressing up to go to a wedding in a barn.  I love my mama.  I love going barefoot.  Finding a deserted road with my sweetheart is the best.  Getting dirty is ok.  Church socials are a must.  Tubing on the Chatuga is a dangerous have to.  Gotta have a rocking chair and a porch.  Sweet iced tea.  Don’t mess with my family.  Manners prevail. Yellow Stone-Ground Grits are a Saturday tradition.  Fried chicken and watermelon; oh yeah.  Trips to the lake with homemade icecream.   Dang! Sunburn and frostbite in the same week in winter.  Warm Winters and Hotter Summers. Fishing with daddy.  Peach pickin and Apple Mountain climbing.  Backyard Gardens.  Bluegrass hoedowns.  Blue jeans and high heels.  Granny’s Roses.  Drinking from Honeysuckle cups.  Family love and feuds. Mason Jars.  Magnolias. Friends. Southern.  Howdy and come on in.  Country music one day and Frank Sinatra the next. Supper is everyday of the week except Sunday then it’s dinner.  Yellow Jasmine and Carolina Wren’s.  Bass fishing.  Fast cars and jacked up trucks.  Big fields and bigger tractors.   Strawberry jam.  Chickens in the yard. That’s me. Southern.  Y’all come!old-barn


1 thought on “On Being Southern”

  1. I’m Southern born and bred. You can take the girl outta the country (literally 😂😂😂 🇨🇳 and 🇹🇭 then California) but ya can’t take the country outta the girl!!!!!!


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