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God. Is. So. Good.


Those who have eyes, let him see.  God wants to be seen.  He places evidence of his being so that even the casual observer might find him.  With the sky as His canvas, he paints, “Good Morning!” for those who are looking.  Every blade of grass, every drop of dew, every new-born baby, all of creation declares His handiwork.  Each day, I have the opportunity to behold his presence in the World, but some days the evidence is presented in a personal way.  Yesterday was such a day.

I was preparing for a four-day trip out-of-town.  I chose my old favorite wheely suitcase and tried to pack as efficiently as I could.  My goal was to end up with only two small bags with one of those being my “purse”.  My purse is really an oversized computer bag with cool compartments and pockets and easy on the shoulder.  It can hold a lot without becoming burdensome.   I arranged my belongings carefully and neatly and managed to get it all in these two bags.  I was so pleased with myself!

Since I was leaving after work, I grabbed another bag to take a change of clothes in.  It was a ridiculous choice, really.  For two pieces of clothing and a pair of tennis shoes, I chose an oversized floral print duffel bag that was waaaaay bigger than I needed.  I really couldn’t explain why I chose it.  I jokingly call it my carpet-bag.  Oh well, part of the fun!  As it turned out, it was part of God’s plan.

My husband drove me to the airport and as he helped me get my bags out of the trunk, the zipper broke on my ‘favorite wheely suitcase’ and all of the neatly packed contents began to spill out!  Yikes!  Enter God and His provision of the oversized duffel bag.  I was able to quickly transfer my things into the spare bag and scoot on in to the ticket counter with no delays.

“God, you are so good.  You nudged me to select the carpet-bag.  You knew.  You provided. Thank you!”

God. Is. So. Good!



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