About Angie

If you read my personal journals, you might be shocked.  My written soul journey with God tells the truth; I am a mess.  Jealousy, bitterness, love and friendship, unforgiveness, fear, births, deaths, triumphs, tears of sorrow and cries of joy, despair, victories and defeats; it’s all there if you care to read it.  Actually, the same truth is written all over my life if you care to look.  Hopefully, as you look, you will also see the pursuant love of God.   Like a knight on a white horse, the rescuer of my soul has been there all along wooing my wayward heart back to him and saving me from myself.  He has proven that He is more faithful to me and to my freedom than I am.  He knows I am a mess and loves me anyway.  He is taking the wreck of my life and doing what he does best, redeeming it.

This love undoes me and makes me whole at the same time. This love captures and binds me and yet releases me to a fullness of life like I have never known.  This love is a person.  This love is a God.  This love is Jesus Christ.   My desire and aim with this blog is to help as many people as I can realize this love and the freedom that is possible in the person of Jesus Christ.  I do this by sharing my own stories, experiences, successes, failures, and truth from God’s Word.

My hope is that by being vunerable and transparent with my own glorious mess of a journey, that others will join me and find themselves…