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Cincinnati.jpgI had the unique experience of going to my husband’s hometown of Cincinnati last week without him.  As it was a work related trip, I actually had very little free time but tried to visit some local favorite restaurants when I did.  Made it to La Rosa’s and Skyline but also discovered a great new place, “Rock Bottom.”

My co workers and I ended up there at least 4 times during the trip and we had a great experience each time.  I am so glad our waitress on one visit explained that the Brownie Passion is a sharable dessert!  It was HUGE and oh so good.  3 large brownie wedges topped with vanilla icecream and drizzled with Rasberry Syrup!  Oh my!dessert

So if you ever make it to the home of the flying pigs, be sure to visit the old favorites but also try, “Rock Bottom.”  You won’t be disappointed!

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Top Ten People – #9


Beverly Cleary is my all time favorite children’s author.  Every time I read her books, I am awakened again to laughter.  She is the champion of humorous and realistic portrayals of children, animals, and adults and her stories never fail to bring a smile to my face.  Her writings also encourage me not to take myself or my children so seriously.  She provokes me to make room for laughter; not everything has to be a somber, “teachable” moment. Her humor and life might also prove scripture out.  Still alive, at age 100, she might be living proof that, “laughter works like good medicine.”   Thank you, Beverly Clearly for giggles!


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Backroad Connoisseur


Some of the best dates my husband and I have are on backroads.  We love to try to get lost and see where an unknown road might take us.  With our favorite music playing, an afternoon drive becomes an adventure.  As windy mountain roads descend into hidden valleys, rustic barns and log cabins tempt the imagination with a simpler way of life from days gone by.  The road lengthens, our worries shorten and we keep on driving.

A real treat is when we find an out of the way “Mom & Pop” diner or a provincial hole-in-the wall restaurant. To see where the locals go and do a little people watching is a always a thrill.  A few weeks back, we celebrated our 27th wedding anniversary by spending some time in the NC Mountains.  My niece pointed us in the direction of a winery she had visited and the roads to get there looked inviting.  While not exactly a mom and pop, our destination did not disappoint.

Situated smack dab in the middle of apple country,  St. Paul Winery is a delight to the senses.  With an intriguing history,  an oversized rock fireplace, to die for views, and award winning wines, the tasting room is the perfect respite from a long drive.  We sampled several selections paired with local made goat cheese and crackers.  I know I sound like a travel guide but I prefer to be called a, “Backroad Connoisseur.”  Visit St. Paul’s if you can.

Sometimes the best therapy is a long drive on a backroad.  Give it a try.


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Top Ten People I wish I could have coffee with.


I wish I could have met Mark Twain. At the very least, I wish I could have spent an afternoon in his company.  His humor and wit reveals a unique insight into humanity and the need to laugh at it.  We take ourselves far too seriously and give ourselves far too much credit.  I believe he understood this trait very well and exposed it thru humor.  Obviously very intentional with his words,  I am sure he was a good listener as well. Mr. Samuel Langhorne Clemens, you are #10 of my Top Ten People I wish I could share coffee with!

Challenge for today: Listen more, speak less, and enjoy the gift of laughter!

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Small Town Treasure

I probably shouldn’t tell anyone about this but it’s too good to keep a secret.  Thanks to friends, Dawn and Scott, I discovered another small town treasure today.  Carson’s Southern Kitchen in Easley, SC may be one of few places still serving up authentic Southern Style Fried Chicken and Turnip Greens.  “Oh my word!” and “Shut my mouth!”  kind of goodness.  Don’t tell my mama, but that chicken rivals hers and she is the ultimate southern cook!  Visit Carson’s and experience a Small Town Treasure today!